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1. A Member can use the vessel for up to 25 days at one time.

2. A Member can use the vessel 30 days after the last use, if available. A Member will be able to have family and guest(s) with them, at no cost, while the Member is using the boat.

3. A Member only pays for the direct cost associated with their use.

4. A Member will only pay $800 per month maintenance cost for every 8 % ownership. Example: A Member who owns 24% will pay $2,400 per month maintenance cost.

5. A Member can call toll free or access the Internet to schedule their use and desired destination, food, fun etc. The Manager will apprise the Member of the estimated cost for the use of the vessel before the trip commences.

6. A Member will be responsible for clean-up of the vessel either underway or at the end of the trip. The Manager will apprise the Member of such cost before trip commences.

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