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     Enjoy a multimillion dollar yacht at a fraction of the cost of full ownership!

     The Yacht Club, LLC is the next generation of yacht ownership all of the benefits with minimal risk, hassle, and expenditure. When you become a member of The Yacht Club, LLC, you become a member/owner of your own yacht company, entering a world in which you and your guests enjoy the best diving, fishing, sunbathing and surfing of the Mexican Riviera, where the water is always warm and blue, the weather is refreshing and the seas are calm.

     The Yacht Club, LLC offers member access to the full yachting lifestyle. Enjoy the hassle-free experience that comes with the knowledge and sophistication of our on-board Manager/Captain and crew, ensuring that your every need is taken care of. Food, fuel and fun in the sun are always ready and waiting at a Yacht Club member's cruising desire. Members and guests can always contact the yacht from land by calling a private 800 number, available on a 24-7 basis. While onboard, the satellite powered telephone and internet system guarantee the ultimate in connectivity anywhere in the world.

     With The Yacht Club, LLC's membership program a person or entity will purchase a minimum of 7.2% percent ownership in Yacht Club and its main asset, the beautiful 70-foot Queenship power yacht, Trinket. Members are always able to sell/transfer their full interest in the Company at any time, and monthly maintenance costs run only $800 per share. Additionally, members will be responsible for the cost of fuel, food, and other direct costs during their period of use. Full family and guest privileges are welcomed, even when the shareholder is not on board. Members are able to use the yacht up to 25 days at a time, depending on timeline forcasting and operational variables, with easy scheduling through the internet and company 800 number.

     Its easy to see the benefits of joining The Yacht Club, LLC when compared to full ownership. Stuides show that the average owner uses their yacht less than 10% of the year why pay for more?

     Let your desires become a reality; explore our website and then contact us at the number below for further details and to arrange a tour of our vessel. Remember, life is always better on the boat.

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